Electric vehicles: Charging is more expensive than filling up

Many countries are currently providing high financial incentives for the purchase of electric cars to boost sales of electric vehicles. Besides this, the low operating costs are being advertised. But this promised long-term advantage of electric vehicles is threatening to melt away.

Tesla opens bidirectional loading – hardware already installed

Applications and electric cars for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) are not yet available to the end customer. But there are already projects that want to make bidirectional charging even easier. In addition to corresponding test projects by Nissan or VW, for example, there seems to be no series solution on the market at least. 

Which electric cars can charge 3-phase?

What does three-phase charging mean and which electric cars can charge 3-phase? We go through what three-phase charging means and what cars can charge on a 3-phase, as well as whether a 3-phase charging station is necessary at home.

Registration record: worldwide stock of electric vehicles grows to 7.9 million

In 2019, the number of electric cars (pure battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids) worldwide will increase to around 7.9 million – an increase of 2.3 million compared to the previous year. The number of new registrations has again reached a record high, but grew only slightly compared to 2018. With a total of 3.8 million e-cars, China remains the undisputed world leader. It is followed by the USA with almost 1.5 million. In these two countries, in particular, the growth rate of new registrations declined.

VW ID.4 compact SUV with a range of more than 500 km still to come 2020

The ID.3 is not yet delivered, VW is already pushing the ID.4: According to media reports, the production model of the study known as Crozz should celebrate its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of March. 

Twingo Z.E. already on sale at the turn of the year 2020/ 2021

Renault announced in mid-January that the introduction of the Twingo Z.E. and the use of the new E-Tech hybrid and plug-in hybrid offerings will mark a new stage in its own electric offensive. In the meantime, the French car manufacturer has announced further facts and photos of the electric city car. The compact 5-door model has a 60 kW/82 hp electric motor instead of the gasoline unit in the rear and, thanks to a 21 kWh lithium-ion battery, has a range of 250 km according to WLTP.