Electric vehicles: Charging is more expensive than filling up

Many countries are currently providing high financial incentives for the purchase of electric cars to boost sales of electric vehicles. Besides this, the low operating costs are being advertised. But this promised long-term advantage of electric vehicles is threatening to melt away.

More e-cars in public services in Poland

In connection with decisions in the field of climate policy in Poland, it has been legally stipulated that cities and municipalities must adapt their vehicle fleets to the emission reduction targets by 2022 at the latest. In practice, this adaptation is to be achieved by replacing 10% of vehicles at a time. 

Which electric cars can charge 3-phase?

What does three-phase charging mean and which electric cars can charge 3-phase? We go through what three-phase charging means and what cars can charge on a 3-phase, as well as whether a 3-phase charging station is necessary at home.

Registration record: worldwide stock of electric vehicles grows to 7.9 million

In 2019, the number of electric cars (pure battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids) worldwide will increase to around 7.9 million – an increase of 2.3 million compared to the previous year. The number of new registrations has again reached a record high, but grew only slightly compared to 2018. With a total of 3.8 million e-cars, China remains the undisputed world leader. It is followed by the USA with almost 1.5 million. In these two countries, in particular, the growth rate of new registrations declined.

Electric car breakthrough could not come to Europe before the end of 2020

Matthias Schmidt, an automotive analyst, predicts that the number of electric car registrations will double in 2020 compared to 2019. The CO2 limits for automobile manufacturers introduced in January are the decisive factor in this, he said. Schmidt expects the volume of electric cars in Europe to rise from 335,000 units in 2019 to over 700,000 this year, and to reach almost one million units per year by 2021 after the introduction phase has ended. But the growth spurt could come later than initially assumed.