Costs for electric car production 2024 on a par with internal combustion

Another study predicts that by the middle of the decade the production costs of an electric car will equal those of petrol and diesel cars. According to an analysis by the Swiss investment bank UBS, reported by the British Guardian, the currently even higher production costs of electric cars are expected to reach combustion levelRead more ⟶

What has happened in the global market for rechargeable cars in 2020?

2020 has been a particularly unique year, which has also had an impact on global car sales, which fell sharply during the first half of the year. However, the impact on sales of rechargeable cars (PHEV and BEV) differs between different markets. Below is a list of sales in the largest car markets and SwedenRead more ⟶

Hesotec Electrify signs distribution agreement with EET Europarts

The German charging station manufacturer Hesotec signs distribution agreement with the EET Europarts from Denmark. The non-exclusive distribution agreement covers all Europe and enables next-day deliveries of all models in stainless steel and matt black colours.

Car manufacturers have “understood that the switch to electric mobility is inevitable”.

In an interview with the technology company Freudenberg, US futurist, author and consultant Peter Schwartz, who has been involved in the development of future forecasts for almost half a century, spoke about the subject of electromobility and what will change in mobility as a whole.Schwartz believes that the charging t…

Electric car sharing Zity starts in Paris with 500 Renault Zoe

After a slight delay, the starting signal was given in Paris for the deployment of 500 electric Renault ZOE vehicles as part of the Zity e-car sharing service. Renault had already announced the launch on the Seine in March.

More e-cars in public services in Poland

In connection with decisions in the field of climate policy in Poland, it has been legally stipulated that cities and municipalities must adapt their vehicle fleets to the emission reduction targets by 2022 at the latest. In practice, this adaptation is to be achieved by replacing 10% of vehicles at a time. 

Frank Mühlon: “Demand for cheaper charging stations.” In an interview, the head of charging infrastructure at ABB announces new products in the AC and DC segment

In an interview, the head of charging infrastructure at ABB announces new products in the AC and DC segment With over 14,000 DC charging stations installed, the Swiss group ABB is one of the most important suppliers of charging infrastructure.

Tesla opens bidirectional loading – hardware already installed

Applications and electric cars for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) are not yet available to the end customer. But there are already projects that want to make bidirectional charging even easier. In addition to corresponding test projects by Nissan or VW, for example, there seems to be no series solution on the market at least. 

Product news – Heidelberg 11 kW Wallbox

The ADAC test winner Heidelberg Wallbox, which you can order at, announced upcoming improvements and updates to its products.

At the start of the third quarter, Heidelberg will also be offering Wallbox Energy Control, an enhanced version of its basic Wallbox Home Eco model with integrated load management that enables several electric cars to be charged simultaneously.