Electric vehicles: Charging is more expensive than filling up

Many countries are currently providing high financial incentives for the purchase of electric cars to boost sales of electric vehicles. Besides this, the low operating costs are being advertised. But this promised long-term advantage of electric vehicles is threatening to melt away.

The smartest EV charging stations for businesses.

Thanks to its functional and future-proof design, the smartest EV charging stations for businesses, Smappee EV Base is an added value to any car park. The charger is made from sustainable materials and requires little maintenance. A subtle LED light indicates the charging status. It also ensures sufficient visibility and increased security of the car park at night. Charge park owners can adjust the light intensity and set a timer to switch on or off. You can even personalize the shape of the LED and the colour of the charging station to fit your company’s brand.

Austria targets 2021 100 new high-power charging points

AUSTRIA TARGETS 2021 100 NEW HIGH-POWER CHARGING POINTS: The joint venture SMATRICS mobility+ of EnBW and SMATRICS is starting operations and plans 100 new high-power charging points in Austria next year. The joint venture of the two companies was created because they are leaders in their countries in the field of electromobility and rapid chargingRead more ⟶

Hesotec Electrify signs distribution agreement with EET Europarts

The German charging station manufacturer Hesotec signs distribution agreement with the EET Europarts from Denmark. The non-exclusive distribution agreement covers all Europe and enables next-day deliveries of all models in stainless steel and matt black colours.

How the ultrasonic fast charging of electric cars could go on

How the ultrasonic fast charging of electric cars could go on

Several companies have already built lithium-ion batteries that can be fully charged in a few minutes – but only on a laboratory scale. Their next goal is, therefore, to bring the pilot batteries into electric cars as standard equipment. Wired magazine has summarized the current state of research and development from a…

Mercedes-Benz presents its new plug-in drives for A- to S-Class

Mercedes-Benz presents its new plug-in drives for A- to S-Class

On the way to purely electric mobility, plug-in hybrids represent an important bridging technology for many car manufacturers. In its third generation, Mercedes-Benz is presenting an efficient drive package with its EQ Power models, thus taking a further step towards CO2-neutral mobility. Mercedes-Benz customers will b…

Which electric cars can charge 3-phase?

What does three-phase charging mean and which electric cars can charge 3-phase? We go through what three-phase charging means and what cars can charge on a 3-phase, as well as whether a 3-phase charging station is necessary at home.

University of California: Fast charging damages batteries of electric cars

Engineers at the University of California (UC), Riverside, stated in a recent study that commercial fast-charging stations expose e-car batteries to high temperatures and high resistance, which can cause them to break, leak and lose their storage capacity. To prevent this from happening, the researchers have developed…