Wallbox Quasar, domestic bi-directional DC charger

Regular price €4.950,00

Quasar is the world’s first domestic bi-directional charger, taking your business to new heights and using Vehicle-2-Grid / Vehicle-2-Home technologies.

If you’re looking to be part of the future wave of smart users that want to save and earn in a charging experience that allows you to connect your vehicle to the grid or better yet to your home, from your home, then the Quasar is the one for you.

Featuring a robust 7.4kW charge and discharge, the Quasar offers outstanding performance that will make your fleet a favourite among staff and clients alike – and that’s only the start.

Every Quasar is equipped with a suite of features, like State-Of-Charge (SOC), real-time visualization of the battery percentage providing the user vital information about their battery. It will be shown in the HMI, App and Portal. In addition, there is a Minimum Battery Percentage (MBP), this will be the biggest inclusion in the system because of the new discharge functionality. This parameter will limit the battery percentage to be discharged.

Along with the MBPCharger that can be set by the charger, the vehicle will usually have a preset MBPCar that cannot be manipulated. There are many more features to ensure that your Quasar stands out every time you use it.

The Quasar was engineered to deliver incredible performance and user experience wherever you are, whenever you need it. With a starting price of EUR 4,950 you will find its price as impressive as its utility.

 • Sensory power adjustment
• Scheduling
• Access identification lock • Over the Air updates
• Integrated meter • Charge Analytics (time, power, cost)


DC Charger
Charging & Discharging  7.4kW (includes DC leakage)
Cable Type  Tethered (CHAdeMO)
Connectivity  Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, Mobile GSM
Lock mechanism  Mobile App, Web Portal, Facial Recognition, RFID
Extra Features 
Integration by TCPmodbus, OCPP Cloud, Hand Gesture