HALO Wallbox™ 7,4kW, 1P 32A


HALO Wallbox™ is designed to make your home look even prettier.
Being one of the smallest available charging stations HALO Wallbox™ comes with a fixed cable of your choice (type 1/2) and with a lighting system in the charger as well as the specially designed ergonomic handle. 

Made of recycled aluminum, it can be mounted inside or outside on a pole or a wall.

HALO Wallbox™ is available in 

– 3.7 kW, 16 A, 1 phase
– 7.4 kW, 32 A, 1 phase
– 11 kW, 16 A, 3 phase

HALO Wallbox™ is integrated into the administration platform Nextcharge/Go Electric Stations

Technical specifications



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