Electrify eBox sr10 Wallbox Smart 22 kW



E-Mobility with style

The 3 phase Electrify eBox sr10 is a resilient beauty. The elegant case is made of high-quality stainless-steel, withstands wind and weather and effectively protects against external influences. Available in stainless steel, black, red, white and with your own design. 

The high-class production and the modular design with components “MADE IN GERMANY” additionally ensures high reliability and maintainability.

    Basic data

    • Maximum charging power: 11 kW or 22 kW
    • Maximum charging current: 16 A / 32 A

    Product versions

    • Smart In addition to the eBox Base, the eBox Smart includes an energy meter, a LAN interface, eLMS access and an authorization function via app and RFID. Optionally, the eBox Smart can be integrated into an OCPP backend. Thereby, it is designed for the private and as a starter model for commercial use.

    Technical data

    • Vehicle Connection
      1x Type 2 charging socket: 20 A, lockable in acc. with IEC62196-2
      Output voltage: 3 x 230 V
      Max. charging current: 32 A
      Maximum output: 22 kW
      Shutdown: all-pole

    • Components
      DC fault current detection: electronic, IΔn d.c. ≥ 6 mA
      Load contactor: 4-pole with contact monitoring

      Energy meterMID-compliant (calibrated)

    • Communication
      Interface: WLAN

      Protocols: eCCP (electrify Charge Controll Protokoll), OCPP 1.6J*

      Authorization: Plug and Charge, eCC* (electrify Charge Controll APP), RFID

      Management: eCC Statistic, eLMS-ready (electrify Charging Management System Backend)

      (Activation In-APP purchase possible)

    • Conditions Input
      Power supply: 5 x 6 mm²
      Rated voltage: 400 V AC, 3-phase +N, +/-10%
      Rated current: max. 16 A
      MCB: 32 A, 3-pole, B characteristic
      RCCB: RCCB, type A 40 A, 30 mA
    • Properties
      Operating temperature: -25 °C to +45 °C
      Degree of protection: IP54
      Material: VA 1.4301
      Height: 585 mm
      Depth: 210 mm
      Diameter: 114 mm




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