Charging Cable – 240v – 16A 1-phase – Power 3,6Kw

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Electric Vehicles Charging Cables, Type 2 to Type 2, straight

  • 240v
  • 16 Ampere 1-phase
  • Power up to 3,6Kw

Manufacturing control

Our charging cables are produced through a series of preset stages, each one carefully monitored and step by step checked.


Connections are all tested through micrographs and accurate measurements, ensuring maximum safety and the lowest possible contact resistance. This methodology largely reduces heating issues.


Assembly is carried out by state-of-the-art equipment and plants, always delivering the best possible result in terms of repeatability too.


Each charging cable is individually checked on a fully automated test bench. The type of cable is automatically identified before being subject to IEC EN 62196 safety tests and to the unique heating test developed by Matcavi engineers, in order to ensure a perfect connection and absolute reliability. Only the cables that successfully pass the test are labelled and packaged.


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