Business models

Your selection is important. Select your business model based on your present and future needs.

Selection Suggestions:

Model CPO:
• For those who want to create and manage a network of at least 5 stations.

Model SUB-CPO:
• For those who want to manage 1-5 stations by offering a charge service for their own main business

Services CPO SUB-CPO
Geolocation, payment and charge session management through
Statistics and details by CPM for all charge sessions ✓ 
Check errors and monitor charge sessions  ✓ 
Manage info and settings on NEXTCHARGE 


Manage your own network and sub network (SUB-CPO)  no
Manage your users no
Manage SUB-CPO, e.g.: create, edit, add etc. no
Diagnostic of remote station no
Configuration of remote station no
Management for COUPON no


* Costs are dependent on the number of charging stations installed and the number of annual charge sessions.
Anything not explicitly indicated may be subject to negotiation