If you have an existing network of stations or are planning to create one,

you could easily connect your stations to the NEXTCHARGE network. Start to take advantage of the many unique and user-friendly features we have to offer, including: a complete app payment system connected to your stations and a first-rate management system.

Fast, Easy & Complete!

NEXTCHARGE developed the Management System with a very clear goal: make everything that a charging point operator – CPO – needs to control simple.
Simplicity is what helps operators save time, offer a great service and maximise their reliability. 

With the Management System, CPOs have a clear set of remote tools available to ensure charging stations are operating optimally and have access to data and reports which can support informed business decisions. 

The system checks whether stations are online and available for customer use. It provides a diagnostic tool to enable first-level troubleshooting remotely. 

Data records include charging activity, power usage, maintenance logs and users details, which are stored and available for analysis. 

All of your records, tools and maintenance available in one secure place but there's more. 

Having your stations connected to the Management System gives you endless possibilities and NEXTCHARGE is one of them. NEXTCHARGE is a sleek mobile app that is offered free of charge, is top rated and has over 80,000 users.
NEXTCHARGE users can view charging stations from a variety of operators along their route, check their availability, review the service and may process payments. 

The quick payment system via NEXTCHARGE app is exclusively available to CPOs connected to the Management System and it's easy! 

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