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electrify esat r10We sell EV/EB charging stations and - cables and related software and services. We believe that the charging of an E vehicle should be flexible and straightforward. The solution used should enable an interoperable network that represents the underlying conditions and facilitates necessary travel throughout the country. A solution that gives the user the freedom to use one subscription instead of multiple subscriptions.


The Open Plattform

The charging stations are part of The Internet of Things,e.g., the Smart Home, the Smart Office, and the Smart City. The infrastructure will always be a mix of different charging stations from different manufacturers. Therefore they need to be managed from just one open platform, regardless of who the manufacturer is. Together with our partners, we offer an open management platform for vendors to integrate their chargers and for service providers to administrate them.


Focus on user experience

With the help of the Nextcharge mobile app, users can charge their cars with only one account from over 200.000 chargers in Europe.


Security in our mind

Every day thousands of charging stations are vandalized for multiple reasons. Usually, the charging stations are in unmanned locations. To secure the car and the unit, we need security devices, e.g., CCTV cameras, audio solutions etc. 


We believe in freedom of choice!


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