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Electric car drivers would pay 5 cents more for guaranteed sustainable energy

Juice Technology, a manufacturer of charging stations and software and one of the leading suppliers of mobile chargers for electric cars, recently conducted an online survey among electric car drivers on charging behaviour and sustainable energy preferences, with some interesting findings. More than 5000 electric car drivers from the DACH region were interviewed.

As part of the study, Juice Technology wanted to find out what the charging behaviour of their charging station users is like and what role the origin of the electricity used to charge the e-car plays. In Germany, in particular, electric cars are still often under general suspicion that they produce more CO2 emissions than combustion vehicles, despite some studies to the contrary.

According to the study, just under 50 per cent of the kilometres driven are charged at home, around 22 per cent at work. Only 17 per cent of the charging processes take place at rapid charging stations. For 85 per cent of e-car drivers, the use of clean energy is very important or important. They attach particular importance to this when charging at home, 29 per cent even produce their own electricity via an installed photovoltaic system. This attitude does not change with regard to the workplace, but 50 per cent of those questioned said that they do not know where the charging power comes from there at all. 49 per cent state that full or at least partial charging with green electricity is also possible at the workplace.

When asked whether there is a willingness to pay a higher amount for guaranteed sustainable energy produced in real-time, 87 per cent answered “yes”. 60 per cent of those questioned would pay up to 4.89 cents more per kilowatt-hour, 27 per cent up to 3.01 cents more per kilowatt-hour. For Germany, this means that the survey participants would spend at least ten per cent more per kilowatt-hour if they could be guaranteed clean sustainable energy in return.

Juice Technology concludes from this that e-car drivers are highly sensitive to the issue of sustainable and clean energy production. Most of the vehicles are charged at home with predominantly green energy, as the survey shows. The accusation that e-car drivers drive electrically, but still use mainly coal-fired electricity, is thus being seriously undermined. There also seems to be a high degree of openness towards new concepts for the production and use of clean energy. The willingness to pay more for this confirms this.

Source: Juice Technologies


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