Security solutions for e-mobility

Vandalism, theft, keying

Vandalism, theft, keying, ..., according to Google, incidents happening daily on electric cars and charging stations.

Charging an electric car can take between 15 minutes to 8 hours. During this time the car is left without any surveillance. The matter gets even more critical as the charging stations in many cases are placed without decent lighting and monitoring.

Besides vandalism in the car e.g. keying, the stations are also damaged. Cutting cables or destruction of outputs result in additional costs and dissatisfaction for both the community and the operators.

To solve the problems described above we recommend a combination of a surveillance camera, speaker and light. The camera with its preinstalled analytics will alarm and record the incident enabling proof of the incident and the executor. Combined with the speaker and as an option the light, the incident can be prevented.

Technical failure

Although most of the charging stations can be operated from a distance, the communication, between the user and the operator, when there are some technical issues, is missing. 

Our recommendations are to add an SOS device enabling both to send an SOS alarm to the police or security company and also to open a bi-directional voice communication with the operator of the charging station if there is a problem with the station.

False parking

One of the big problems with the charging places for electric cars is unauthorized cars using them for normal parking. 

Our solution is to use the surveillance camera with the preinstalled analytic software and alarm the responsible authorities of this. With the help of the solution, you can detect e.g. cars which are just parked and not charging or cars wrongly parked. Below some excellent choice to solve the problems described above.


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