Introducing the Spanish Wallbox

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Introducing Spanish Wallbox

We offer you intelligent charging solutions that are suitable for every type of home and business.  Whether you have private or shared parking.

- Control: unlike conventional sockets, Wallbox prevents your electrical installation from overloading and allows you to adjust the power.
- Charging time: with Wallbox you can charge up to 8 times faster. Also, you can use maximum power to reduce charging times.
- Program the charging for off-peak hours: make the most of the times when energy is cheaper to save on your bills.
- Lock: you can lock and unlock your Wallbox locally or remotely to prevent unwanted use.

What’s standard at Wallbox?
Serious experience and management features. When it comes to user experience and management, we’ve got you and your
customers covered. Every charger comes with the latest in user experience technology, so you’ll always know you’re up to date.

- Lock & unlock charger
- Manual & Scheduled Charge
- All forms of Connectivity
- Charger Consumption Analytics (time, power, cost)
- Multiple charger management (Power Sharing)
- Automatic & Dynamic load management (Power Boost)
- Public Charging (Integrated payment)
- Backend Integration (OCPP Cloud API)

POWER SHARING. This is Free and compatible with all our chargers. It is a feature that is of great value to installations with more than 1 charger. This feature divides the available installation power between each charging device, based on the needs of each vehicle Each master can control a circuit of 25 chargers including the master. There is no limit on the number of circuits you wish to place.

POWER BOOST. This is an external addition to your charger. It comes in the form of a smart meter or clamp that reads your current and regulates your power in real time. It is compatible with all our chargers except the Pulsar. It is a feature that optimizes the available power at home by adjusting your charging within the limit of your energy source. It will always charge at the max. available power.