EV Charging solutions for appartments

Do not say no to the traditional socket. It is the most flexible and cheapest way to establish charging points for all kind of electric vehicles.
It is probably the best way for housing cooperatives to start with.
After all, you have to have an EVSE to charge an electric car where the added unit on the outlet turns it into a chargeable device and the EVSE (EVSE is a protocol to help keep you and your electric car safe while charging) takes care of power regulation, earth fault switches, break before disconnection (to avoid arcs) etc.

A very handy, simple and inexpensive solution for housing cooperatives, offices and business owners.

A charging station guarantees safe charging

Where the socket reaches its limits, a charging station provides a remedy. It ensures safe charging and equips the communal garage optimally for the electric future. Because one thing is certain: you won't be the last tenant or owner to buy a cool electric car. Of course, you must not have a charging station installed by yourself, but you must obtain the approval of your landlord or the owners' meeting. We will show you how to approach this project skillfully.


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