E-mobility for hotels, tourist resourts, restaurants, ...

The statistics are clear: there will be an increasing number of electric vehicles in the world. Thus, the theme of electric mobility in the tourism sector has become crucial. That’s it: e-cars drivers are more attracted by a hotel, a restaurant, or a holiday resort, where they know they will have the possibility to recharge their electric vehicle. Sleep and charge: that’s what more and more guests will look for.

But, keep in mind, charging stations have the same value as your front door or your reception. Therefore you should evaluate these besides there technical features also on how they look.  Please take a look at the selection of stylish charging solutions we have selected for you. You can either offer the charging service for free with or let the guests pay for it with their phone.

Find out the main 4 reasons for installing charging stations and a selection of suitable stylish examples.

1. Get noticed and increase your hotel visibility

There are several apps and online maps to track charging stations for e-cars. For this reason, hotel and tourist accommodation too should be able to provide this service. These maps are an absolute must-have for every e-car traveller. Simple, intuitive and fast. They allow drivers to locate, with just a few clicks, the most comfortable spots to charge their cars. Thus, it is fundamental that these drivers are able to see your accommodation, adding your structure to the mentioned maps. E-cars drivers will then see your structure, know in detail the charging service you provide and perhaps decide to book one night in your structure.

2. Charge and Sleep: a win-win game!

The hotels providing the charging service for electric vehicles allow guests to charge their e-car in the most convenient moment of the day for them, while they sleep. A practical and functional choice for your customers, but also for the same accommodation. The hotel increase in reputation will result in an increase in good reviews from your new customer segment. Then you have just to make them loyal, by providing top quality services for instance. Happier and cuddled customers, on one hand. An effective advertising campaign for a hotel providing innovative and sustainable services, on the other. A win-win game!

3. Increase the overall organizational efficiency

Recent studies confirm that the presence of charging services for e-cars results in improved organizational efficiency of the accommodation. It is fundamental to properly manage the online visibility, keeping update on the world of electric motors and showing the offer of charging spots on online maps created for the purpose. Then we have to deal with real life-based problems. For instance, avoiding electric lines overloading, or ensuring the service in total security for the customers.

4. Charging as a mean to strengthen Brand Identity

If the organizational structure allows it (see point 3), implement customized charging tariffs could be a great strategy to attract e-car travellers in your structure and generate extra-profits. Providing a free charging service may be seen as an incentive to build a solid network of trusted customers that supports the sustainable approach of the tourist accommodation. To strengthen your brand identity, you may show the hotel logo on the charging station. In this way, the latter will be seen as perfectly integrated into the hotel design.


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