eSat r20 charging station with type 2 spiral cable

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'Electrify eSat r20' is a beautiful and minimalistic charger with a 4 m spiral cable for your home and business. It can be customized with your colour or brand.

The elegant case is made of high-quality stainless-steel, withstands wind and weather and effectively protects against external influences. The high-class production and the modular design with components “MADE IN GERMANY” additionally ensures high reliability and maintainability. 

Convincing. Also, in detail.

  • Compact in technology All electronic components are housed in the charging station.
  • Easy installation Connect the supply line to the base, plug in the charging station, screw down the housing. Finished.
  • Intelligent integration Later required charging points can be integrated at the next free master during installation.
  • Strong in design Thanks to the timeless design, the eSat charging station adapts optimally to any architectural style, whether traditional, classic or modern.
  • electrify charging stations are equipped with the legally required DC fault current detection as a standard. These security advantages make it possible for you to save a lot of money since retrofitting can be quite expensive.

Basic data

  • Maximum charging power: 11 kW or 22 kW
  • Maximum charging current: 16 A / 32 A
  • Connection types: Charging plug Type 2 with 4m spiral cable

Equipment types

  • eSat Base The eSat Base is the ideal entry-level model for the private sector. They are available in a version of 11 kW or 22 kW charging power. In addition to the standard WLAN interface, the eSat Base can also be optionally controlled via APP or RFID.
  • eSat Smart In addition to the eSat Base, the eSat Smart includes an energy meter, eLMS access and an authorization function via app and RFID. Optionally, the eSat Smart can be integrated into a LoRa network or an OCCP backend. Thereby, it is designed for the private and as a starter model for commercial use.
  • eSat Business The eSat Business contains in addition to the equipment of the eSat Smart a LAN interface and an LTE module. It is designed for use in the commercial environment.


  • eSat r20 charging station with type 2 spiral cable
  • Type BASE / Power 11kW
  • Input voltage 400V AC, 3 phase + N, +/-10%
  • Input current max. 16A

  • Output voltage 3x240V
  • Output current max. 16A/32A
  • Output cable max. 11kW/22kW

  • Storage temperature -25 °C to +60 °C
  • Operating temperature -25 °C to +45 °C
  • Protection class IP54
  • Weight 10,3 kg
  • Cable length 4 m

  • Energy meter MID-compliant meter (Smart/Business)
  • Interfaces WLAN (Base)/OCPP (*Smart) / LoRaWAN (*Smart)/ LTE / RJ45 / TCP/IP
  • Communication electrify Charge Control
  • Authorization Plug and Charge / APP (*Base) / RFID (*Base)
  • Management APP Statistik / eLMS
  • *) Extension via app purchase possible

  • Packaging Cardboard
  • Weight 12,1 kg
  • Dimensions L/W/H 106/23/30 cm


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