Electric vehicles: Charging is more expensive than filling up

Many countries are currently providing high financial incentives for the purchase of electric cars to boost sales of electric vehicles. Besides this, the low operating costs are being advertised. But this promised long-term advantage of electric vehicles is threatening to melt away.

Electric car drivers would pay 5 cents more for guaranteed sustainable energy

Juice Technology, a manufacturer of charging stations and software and one of the leading suppliers of mobile chargers for electric cars, recently conducted an online survey among electric car drivers on charging behaviour and sustainable energy preferences, with some interesting findings. More than 5000 electric car drivers from the DACH region were interviewed. As partRead more ⟶

The smartest EV charging stations for businesses.

Thanks to its functional and future-proof design, the smartest EV charging stations for businesses, Smappee EV Base is an added value to any car park. The charger is made from sustainable materials and requires little maintenance. A subtle LED light indicates the charging status. It also ensures sufficient visibility and increased security of the car park at night. Charge park owners can adjust the light intensity and set a timer to switch on or off. You can even personalize the shape of the LED and the colour of the charging station to fit your company’s brand.