VW ID.4 compact SUV with a range of more than 500 km still to come 2020

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The ID.3 is not yet delivered, VW is already pushing the ID.4: According to media reports, the production model of the study known as Crozz should celebrate its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of March. VW confirms this in a webcast at the beginning of March, which will follow as an alternative to the world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. The VW ID.4 will give a concrete preview of its first purely electric SUV.

The ID.4 is scheduled to be on the road as early as 2020, making it the second model based on the new Modular E-Drive System (MEB). "Analogous to ID.3, ID.4 will also be launched as a CO2-neutral vehicle on the market," announces Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer of the Volkswagen brand. "We will produce and sell ID.4 in Europe, China and the USA.

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Brandstätter emphasizes that the design of the emission-free SUV is particularly aerodynamic. After all, "the good aerodynamics reduce air resistance and extend the range of the ID.4 to up to 500 kilometres, depending on the drive package", the VW COO continues. The ID.4 will initially be delivered with rear-wheel drive, with a version with electric four-wheel drive to follow. The high-voltage battery located deep in the floor of the body ensures a low and thus driving dynamics optimum centre of gravity and a very well balanced axle load distribution.

The British Autocar, on the other hand, already assumed in the run-up to the premiere that the external dimensions of the ID.4 would be between the VW Tiguan and the seven-seater Tiguan Allspace, but that the interior would be more on the level of the Allspace - space savings thanks to the engines and battery being placed deep in the underbody make this gain in space possible. The cockpit of the zero-emission SUV is clearly structured and consistently digitalised: operation is large via touch surfaces and intelligent and intuitive voice control.

The Group also states that both the ID.4 and ID.3 are important milestones on the way to making the brand - aligned with the Paris climate protection goals - completely CO2-neutral on the balance sheet by the year 2050. The CO2 emissions of the Volkswagen fleet are to be reduced by a third by 2025.

Source: Volkswagen AG - Press Release as of March 03, 2020


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