Tritium Automotive puts Finnish e-sports car on the road in a very limited edition

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Finland and Norway seem no longer to want to be content with playing the European market only in terms of e-car sales. It was only at the end of January 2020 that we were able to present to you the premium electric limousine Reverie from Fresco Motors in Norway. Now the Finnish company Tritium Automotive brings a purely electric sports car on the road. Limited to eleven units, the one million euro expensive vehicle with 500 kW power and a range of up to 300 kilometres will be available.

Especially the strong individual ability of the electric car makes it look extremely interesting. The company states the following on their website: "You imagine this car. You customise this car. You dream about this car. We design it. We build it. To absolute perfection." In detail, only the tubular grid frame including the drive and battery as well as the two displays in the interior of the electric sports car should be fixed. The rest of the vehicle can be specified by the respective customers according to their own taste. From an interior reduced to the most necessary to the purest luxury ambience, everything should be possible.

In purely visual terms, the electric car is still reminiscent of a sports car, which could have come from the Lamborghini design forge. However, this may also be due to the fact that the extremely high degree of individualization makes it desirable to commit to one design. According to the website of Tritium Automotive, the front hood, tailgate, roof shape, doors, side parts and the rims can be adapted. Technical data, on the other hand, has been communicated only sparsely so far. Only the targeted power of 500 kW and a range of more than 300 km are in the room.

The Stromer was aiming for its world premiere in mid-June at the luxury fair Top Marques in Monaco. Certainly the right environment for the million-euro sports car. However, due to the current situation, it is not yet certain whether the fair will take place. Nothing is yet known about the market launch schedule either.

Source: - Tritium Automotive: Exclusive e-sports car from Finland


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