Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer with 150 kW and 421 kilometres range

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In 2020, the Vito will receive a model update from Mercedes-Benz, which is intended to take the popular specialist for crafts, trade and service to a new level. Of particular interest to us is the Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer in the purely electric version, which is scheduled to hit the road in the summer of 2020. According to its statement, Mercedes-Benz Vans has taken on a pioneering role in the premium segment for locally emission-free, commercial goods transport in urban areas with the eVito in 2018 and the eSprinter in 2019, which it now intends to expand further in 2020.

In 2020, the Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer takes on the independent look of the Vito with the combustion engine. But under the front of the van is the electric drive train (eATS), which drives the front wheels with a peak output of 150 kW. The lithium-ion battery of the electrified vehicle is located in the underbody, from where it can exert a positive influence on the handling of the eVito Tourer. The top speeds of 140 km/h as standard and 160 km/h as an optional extra ensure rapid progress even away from city traffic.

"The extensive range of new assistance systems and the new generation of engines continue the success story of the Vito and make it even more attractive. The Vito continues to make no compromises when it comes to operating costs or the desire for low emissions. As before, payload and variant diversity are among the highest in the segment. Besides, the new infotainment offers also meet the increased demands of our commercial customers". - Pia Herkewitz, Product/Marketing Management Mercedes-Benz Midsize Vans

Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer: From 10 to 80% in under 45 minutes
Benjamin Kaehler, Head of eDrive@VANs at Mercedes-Benz AG, for his part, makes it clear that the new eVito Tourer "sets standards in its segment in terms of everyday suitability. Thanks to its quick-charging function and a range of 421 kilometres, it can be used flexibly and offers our customers a high degree of usability". To come back to the loading capacity of the E-vehicle. This relies on a water-cooled AC on-board charger (OBL) with an output of 11 kW. It is thus prepared for AC charging at home or public charging stations.

Charging is via the CCS charging socket in the front left bumper. This also enables charging using direct current (DC). This means that the eVito Tourer can be charged from 10 to 80% in less than 45 minutes thanks to the maximum charging power of 110 kW at a quick charging station. The battery with a usable capacity of 90 kWh enables a range of 421 kilometres. Consumption is currently stated as 26.2 kWh/100km.

In addition to analysis and consulting, Mercedes-Benz Vans also offers hardware solutions for the charging infrastructure: For individual customers, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home is available in a compact and high-quality design in a partial sale. It must be installed by a competent electrician - of the customer's choice - by local regulations.

Besides, the eVito Tourer benefits from recuperation in daily driving operation. The driver has a great influence on this. He can change the strength of the recuperation as required using paddle switches behind the steering wheel. A particularly efficient and comfortable driving style is made possible by a new feature in the eVito Tourer: the recuperation level DAUTO. According to the maxim "drive with foresight and save energy", information from the safety assistants is networked and the recuperation level is adjusted in real-time according to the situation. Besides, three driving programs help the customer to choose between maximum comfort and maximum range individually and at the touch of a button during the journey.

No loss of space despite the electric drive
Mercedes-Benz Vans emphasizes that drivers of the eVito Tourer do not suffer any disadvantage from the purely electric drive of the van. The locally emission-free van can be ordered in two different lengths: One with a total length of 5,140 millimetres and the other as an extra-long version, which comes to 5,370 millimetres. Taxi companies, for example, benefit from the wide range of seat configurations. With two benches in the rear, the eVito Tourer becomes a comfortable shuttle vehicle that meets all the requirements of modern passenger transport with agile and particularly quiet driving experience.

If the eVito Tourer is used in a fleet, the fleet manager also receives all relevant information about battery charging and air conditioning of the respective e-vehicle in the vehicle management tool. Here too, programming is possible directly via Mercedes PRO. There is also no need to worry about the range in this case, as the charging current is used for pre-air conditioning. Fleet customers in Germany also have the option of an intelligent charging solution with the networking of the vehicle and a compatible charging station. The Mercedes PRO service "Intelligent Charging Management" enables fleet managers to avoid or at least reduce peak loads and save costs through optimised electrical connection power.

Source: Mercedes-Benz - Press release by mail


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