Electric car Fiat 500 in First Edition almost sold out

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If you want a new Fiat 500 Elektro in the limited introductory version, you should hurry up and reserve your copy for a deposit of 500 euros: Because according to Luca Napolitano, the head of EMEA at Fiat & Abarth, only a few units of the first edition of the charming convertible called "La Prima" are still available. According to Napolitano, 500 units will be made available for each country where the 500e is sold.

Apart from that Napolitano did not announce anything new in a video published on Youtube. He said that the 500e electric with its 42 kWh battery can do 320 km in the WLTP standard and can cover up to 400 km only in city traffic. He also mentioned that the car will be delivered "after the summer".

The first edition model La Prima with full equipment, available in three colours, can now be reserved from 37,900 euros. Anyone interested in the model should find out about the local purchase premiums for electric cars, which in some countries are more than 10,000 euros. Napolitano, unfortunately, did not say which prices will be called up for the following basic models. For the coming months, the Fiat manager announced the publication of further information, prices and videos as well as events planned throughout Europe.

In order to optimize the charging time, the new Fiat 500 is equipped with a quick charging system that allows a charging capacity of up to 85 kW. When the batteries are quickly charged at appropriate pillars, after only five minutes charging time, they are sufficiently charged to drive around 50 kilometres - more than the average daily driving distance. The battery is 80 per cent charged in just 35 minutes.

A special feature of the small car is that it is the first model in its segment to offer autonomous driving aids at level 2: It recognizes other road users such as cars, motorcycles, cyclists or pedestrians and can brake and accelerate again according to their behaviour.


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